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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I agree with you in saying that a parent must be vigilant and review everything that their child does for school.

I homeschool and have found that many Newberry winners or Caladot winners books are not much better. I used to pick these books because they were deemed good choices.

I would read the book and create study guides/ worksheets. After reading a Louis Sachar book, the boy who lost his face, I will not use current books.

I cannot remember the page but one little child tells another about shoving a hammer up his a#*.

I wrote to the company and never got a response. I guess in the world having a ten year old read this is OK. So I have reverted to the older books for the kids.

In fact on my homeschool blog I just wrote a post titled Did you ever wonder? The post are my thoughts on what would happen to a child if he was taught something wrong from the start. Feel free to read this at mcbenningschool.blogspot.com

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