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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Our 2 year old is right on the cusp of "getting" holidays. He liked the colorful valentines, but probably has no real idea what they are about.

He's at the funnest age I think, just not quite saying complete sentences.

more thoughts on how the "terrible twos" are way less hectic than I was warned:

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Valentine's Day Holy One as ppazdnik vlyublennyx otmechaetcya 14 fevpalya in Evpope c XIII century. In the USA - c 1777 in ctpanax CNG (is revealed) - c early 1990-x godov.
On Valentine, which gave the holiday its name, little is known. It is said that he lived in the III century BC, the Roman city of Terni. According to some data, it was a simple Christian priest, other legends elevate him to the rank of bishop. In the aggregate data can be reasonably safe to assume that Valentin was relatively young, handsome, kind and responsive. There is information that, along with the main job, Valentin studied natural sciences and medicine.

Time of life and work of Valentin coincided with the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius II, who is revered military prowess of the Roman legions of famous and not so bestowed Christians. To keep the military spirit of the emperor issued an edict banning legionaries to marry, because marriage is entered into too much time at home and not busy planning for the good of the empire and military prowess.

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