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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I appreciate your work.

Thank you for taking Sarah to the other Sarah! I look forward to your post about your conversation with Mr. Heath.

"When I talked about people connecting with Palin, that has nothing to do with money or fame."

I didn't imagine that it did. Palin has not been corrupted by money and fame. That's what allows people to still be able to connect to her. I bet she still prefers moose burgers to wagyu steak. Not that most of us have a chance to eat either dish!

Lorie, you make a great point about the fact that the Palin folks probably have more respect for bloggers than the MSM. And I really do believe Palin is truly grateful for every soldier.

The media elites like to sneer at Palin but is she dumb enough to propose a 2,000 page health care bill (without reading it)? David Brooks may sneer at her with utter contempt but most people can see she is smarter than the usual talking head on the Sunday morning shows.

Great job Lorie at reminding us that Palin is more qualified to represent us than all the Ivy league law graduates we're stuck with now.

Awesome, found you from C4P. I'm hope to get to her Sioux City, IA book signing and as a Palin-supporting blogger would love to get connected as well.

I wouldn't even know who to call though, LOL.

Nice meeting you at the book signing, Lorie.

Did you see these videos of the book signing on YouTube?

Thanks for all the comments above.

Thanks for the video links! I had seen the first one, but not the second. Great meeting you, too.

Interesting to consider the Matt Dowd 'friendly' on Palin in light of Rasmussen's numbers showing Romney, Huckabee, Palin.

In a three-way contest, with the minor party/Independent taking 10-15%, it doesn't really matter today, who the GOP candidate would be.

In a two way contest, Palin's almost caught the other two a couple of year's out.

Somehow, I think the odds favor a three-way with Palin the Independent. In that event, I look for one of the majors to bring up the rear.

When I talked about people connecting with Palin, that has nothing to do with money or fame

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