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Thursday, May 06, 2010


Although my home was not badly flooded, I did suffer some damage. Insurance has been cancelled and I have NO help. This is becaus the Tennessee Gov. has not declared Sumner County as part of the FLOODED COUNTIES. Here in Hendersonvillem there were/are about 50 homes with flood damage. So, I guess we just don't matter!!!

Yeah!!! Lets Help For Tennessee Flood Victims!!

Why do you have to bring politics into everything? Did Liberals find a way to blame George W Bush for NOT getting aid to Katrina victims in a rapid manner? NO! While Katrina got media attention, that did not make the government provide aid any faster. But oh, wait! When Florida was ravished by hurricanes -- presto -- help was there. These people in TN need help, not your political prose.

"Did Liberals find a way to blame George W Bush for NOT getting aid to Katrina victims in a rapid manner?" How anyone could answer that question "no" is beyond comprehension. I could cite hundreds, if not thousands, of liberal blog posts, liberal media reports, etc. where the blame was placed almost entirely on George Bush, in spite of the fact that those who should have been the first responders and who should have evacuated their citizens were those on the state and local level. The feds were supposed to come in only after the state requested, which the LA governor neglected to do in a timely manner.

But that is not anything I raised. I didn't mention the politics of, or even the word, Katrina. I was not the one who "went there."

Talk about bringing politics into it. Bringing up Katrina certainly did that. I made one comment about Dick Cheney being blamed for the TN flooding, which some liberals were doing last week, believe it or not. I thought it was pretty darn obvious, but my comment was critical of those bringing politics into it, including many in the media who admitted last week that the amount of coverage was in part due to the lack of a political angle. That is why the rest of my post consisted of links to sites posting ways people could help.

Let me be clear... the time to blame Cheney or anyone else is not now. Now is not a time for the media to desert the people of TN because the story is not political enough. Now is the time to send help. As I said in my post, follow the links I provided if you want to do that.

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Nailed it!

I think I might have to try this sunshine sauce myself. As I read it, it reminded me of a Bahamian cookbook I have. This sauce is very "islandy" in both it's content and name.

I might add just a hint of cumin to it, hopefully that won't muddle the color too much.

Great job.

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Good to see you had fun - and managed to photograph some tricky mittens!

Um...like the style of your writing.*_*

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